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GO THERE - 2022

On Sunday, June 5 nine local storytellers took to The Colony Theatre stage with beautiful humility, bravely offering up glimpses into their challenges and triumphs. The show featured the exceptionally talented PI JACOBS on acoustic guitar. After TWO years with no theatre, JAM was back with LIVE music & stories and we raised over $3000 for FSA!

What they're saying the news:

My mental health affects a lot more people than that older bearded guy I see in the mirror
Immediately after (my husband's) death, I accepted all invitations - breakfast, coffee, lu
I feel for the first time what it is like to have my mother engaged in my life. I'm so gid

Click on the images below for links to the GO THERE Stories

Here comes the unknown life. The one I get to live because I didn't die. - Wendy Hammers.j
In lieu of superlatives, please send help. -Megan Dolan.jpg
We all play mind games on ourselves in one way or another. I my mind games, no was the onl
Pick up your pen and write how you feel in the journal. I feel numb. I feel anxious. - Lyn
When I worry that I'll have another breakdown, I remember the recovery home and my experie
Add a little bit of body text.jpg
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