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Manecdotes - 2023

The show at The Colony Theatre in Burbank on June 11th

was a great success and the reviews are TOP NOTCH!

I really enjoy going to Storyteller events.  Usually there are a few stand-out performers. But in Manecdotes, every single story and performer could be the headliner!  


What a wonderful evening!  Manecdotes shared stories about fatherhood from so many different perspectives and all of them thoughtful, relevant, and memorable.


It's great to have a nice evening out and enjoy a show.  It's even better when you find yourself talking with friends a few days later about the show and the ideas that were shared.  This is the experience I had with Manecdotes! I wish it was a TV show so that I could share it with more friends!

It all starts with story. Certainly all of art, arguably all human experience. We are informed entertained and enriched in listening to true tales. Live storytelling, particularly Suzanne Weerts' productions, are near and dear to me. I have performed in them as well as come as an audience member. As always, I delighted in the flow of one story to another, the interludes, the reach and range of stories. My hip son loved it too. How about that?!


Another outstanding JAM Creative event!  Each story was beautifully shared through masterful storytelling, intricate details drawing the audience in at every twist and turn.  Each story painted a vivid picture of the complexities of fatherhood.

Together, we raised over $4000 to support Family Service Agency of Burbank AND we raised awareness for the importance of MENtal Healthcare in the lives of men. Check our some of our press below and click on the name by the television screen for links to their stories!

Meet the Cast


And Our Musical Guests - BISHOP

BISHOP is a musical trio of sisters, Ivy and Fiona Bishop, and their dad, John Bishop. They've been playing Folk/Americana music together since the girls could talk, and continue to gig out and record frequently. They are excited about the release of their new album this Summer, which will be available on all streaming platforms. Please find them on Instagram @bishop_theband for information on upcoming

shows and albums.


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