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Marsha Ramos

Marsha Ramos has a lifelong interest in building community. She has spent many decades volunteering, leading, exploring, and studying in an effort to better understand what it takes to bring people together. Marsha is a past Chair of the Los Angeles County Human Relation Consortium and the Burbank Human Relations Council. She has been recognized for her work in human relations by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the US Dept. of Justice – Community Relation Division and the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations. She has been invited to speak at many community and public events including Commission of the Status of Women Awards Luncheon, Business Life-Women Achiever’s panel presenter, the Center for Women & Politics-Ready to Run Conference, and the commencement address for graduates of Los Angeles Valley College. Marsha has been married to Dave for 37 years, and proud that both her adult sons have chosen careers in public service. She enjoys dabbling in paint, strumming the ukulele and playing with her grandson.

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